Humor Night – August 3

Another fantastic edition of the Weekly Recurring Humor Night is afoot! This show will leave you laughing, then it will come find you again and you will say “why did you leave?” and it will say “that was just a turn of phrase, silly, come back inside and play improv!”
This week enjoy the comedic talents of:

Belinda Carroll (seen at Portland, Austin, Seattle Pridefests!)
Jen Allen (Helium Contest Semi-finalist and possibly Portland’s Funniest Person!)
Ben Varley (who is departing from the land of Port!)
Zach Cole (part of the winning PSU team in Rooftop Comedy’s College Competition)
Iris Gorman (hilarious Brody Theater maven!)
Drew Anderson (he can also ride a tandem bicycle!)
hosted deftly by Whitney Streed

Pay what you want, drink what you will. Late night open mic to follow!

[and OMG the fabulous Eugene-based comedian Stephanie Purtle took this dinosaur-unicorn picture herself! if you find dinosaurs and unicorns coexisting in the wild, document it and send it to me and you will become a facebook celebrity!]

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