Humor Night — Aug. 24

It’s another edition of the most weekly night of comedy in town! Every Week We Laugh Here, Often Enthusiastically And In Capital Letters!!

This Wednesday, August 24, enjoy a selection of fine performances from awesome Portland comics AND comics here all the way from Bend, Or! That’s a pun without even trying!

Featuring the best of:

Kyle Harbert (“A beast!!!” — a fan)
Shawn Gray-Fleek (“A fan!!!” — the Beast)**
Danny Felts (a fanbelt, or a feltsban)
Dickey B*
Stan Whitton*
Jake Woodmansee*
*they are the ones from Bend!

plus maybe some special guests!

hosted with many pauses in between by Whitney Streed

Showcase starts as always around 9pm. Pay what you want and drink what you will!

Late night open mic starts around 11pm with a rousing round of improv following the show. This week during the open mic, Kyle Harbert hosts “Kyle Harbert’s Absurd Heckling Game” featuring a barrage of rules that he made up and only he understands designed to assign points and encourage heckling, two things that make comedy great! Forecast is mildly chaotic with a strong chance of good times. Hope to see you there!

**the actual beast of Portland comedy Jessie McCoy is not on the bill, but she will be humoring here the very next week!


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