The Cleanest Filth — Nov. 14

Come see 7 of Portland’s finest comedians perform the cleanest offensive material they are capable of writing. Here’s the skinny:

3 comedians perform 10 minute sets of prepared material. While those 3 comics are performing, 4 other comedians have roughly 38 minutes to create a 5-7 minute set of their cleanest filthy jokes using at least 2 of 14 nouns provided by the audience, the other 3 comedians on the show, and myself.

Here are the rules:

No Swearing
The jokes have to be able to be said on television. (meaning Conan, Letterman, etc.)
The jokes have to be offensive.Each group of comics will have a winner that will be chosen by the audience. The prize for winning, is winning. Don’t be greedy.

The Comedians:

Prepared Sets –

Ian Karmel
Phil Schallberger
Anthony Lopez

Unprepared Sets –

Whitney Streed
Dan Weber
Nariko Ott
Andrew Holmgren

Hosted by, me, Xander Deveaux. You’re welcome.

And a special guest! (maybe)

Show starts at 9:30, doors at 9pm. There is an Open-Mic that follows at 11pm, so if you weren’t offended at all during the actual show, stick around for the mic. As always, pay what you want and drink what you will.


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