The Word Series!! — Jan. 16

The Weekly Recurring Humor Night presents an overwhelmingly ridiculous night of wordplay, malapropisms, spoonerisms, portmanteaus, and puns. Lots of puns. Extremely stupid puns.

jan16A slew of advanced comedic wordplayers will step into the ring to see who can pun the longest, including Chris Castles, Tim Hammer, Jimmy Newstetter, Whitney Streed, Shawn Fleek, Jon Washington, Steven Wilbur, Zak Toscani and more. The Word Series will be refereed by Amanda Warder!

Plus wordplay-laden sets from master puntificators Ira Novos, Tim Hammer, Christian Ricketts, Mark Saltveit, Manuel Hall and Barbara Holm!

Show starts at 9:30, doors at 9pm. Open mic following the show assuming the venue has not collapsed from groaning. As always, pay what you want and drink what you swill.



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