The Word Series Part Deux: Another Night of Competative Punnery


Eight competitors face-off for the title of Person Who Won the Word Series Part Deux! A night of wordplay and hilarity!!

I’m not lion when I say this night is going to a whale of a good time. I’ll don’t mean to dog you, but seriously, I cat wait for this night. Trust me, you want to bee there. You’ll laugh yourself horse! [YES IT’S REALLY GOING TO BE THIS STUPID OMG IT WILL BE SOOOOOOOOO AWESOME EWE GUISE!]09-11-13

***Puntestants Include***
Tim Hammer
Jimmy Newstetter
Shawn Fleek
Jeremy Eli
Paul Barach
Douglas Gale
Dinah Foley
Helen Vank

Plus sets from
Word Series One Champion Steven Wilber
Prodigal Capri Sun Xander Deveaux
Exciting up-and-punner Lucia Fasano
and some expert Elf Help advice from Dax Jordan

Hosted portmanteautally by Whitney Streed and Christian Ricketts, with assistance and interference run by the incomparable Ira Novos.


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