Live Reading the Bible with Dan, Nativity Edition! 12/18/13

Christmas Day is a time for giving, family and peace towards your fellow humans.

But the 18th of December is a day where my friends and I will read the story of the birth of Jesus and mock it mercilessly.

“But Dan” you might be saying to yourself, “Isn’t that just a touching story that really can’t be made fun of at all?”

Well fantasy straw man, you are dead wrong.
Let us prove to you just how wrong you are at 9:30 PM in the Tonic Lounge.

It’s Bible Study done in a way that you probably never expected to have happen!

Helping terrorize the manger are:
Whitney Streed
Nariko Ott
Adam Saturdayzer Pasi
Kristine Levine
Trevor Hill

If the last live recording was any indication this show is going to be absolutely fantastic.
Do not miss it.

As always there will be an open mic after podcast recording which, as always, will be a fun time.

So come on down, see a show, pay what you want and drink what you will.



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