Funormous Pre-Bridgetown Bash!! 5/7/14

BRIDGETOWN IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON! The most awesome comedy festival in the history of festivals in entering into its 7th year, and we’re kicking off the weekend of mad fun with a blow-out show at the Tonic, with hometown heroes and fantastic out-of-towners!

AHHHHHH LOOK AT THEM! JUST LOOK!!!! ok now look away you don’t want to blind yourself from the awesome. OK NOW LOOK AGAIN!!
05-06-14 bridgetownDwight Slade!
Auggie Smith!
Richard Bain!
Natasha Muse!
Scott Losse!
Amy Miller!
Barbara Holm!
Jeff Oliver!
And more!!
hosted deliriously by Whitney Streed

Show starts at 9:30, doors at 9pm. Open mic for festival performers and volunteers following the show (sign up 9-9:30), starting at some late time and going on until some much later time when we all leave to get the first round of donuts. As always, pay what you want and drink what you will.


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