Humor Night! 7/2/14

It’s the time of the year when we celebrate FREEDOM! Freedom from want! Freedom from need! Freedom from clickbait and ill-fitting pants and allergies and climate change and everything in life you don’t want! Come to the Tonic Lounge and celebrate freedom from sadness and boredom, and actual free* comedy!
*it isn’t free. but it is. because it’s freedom. freedom to pay what you want.

LOOK AT THESE COMICS they are all free of NON-HUMOR! that means they are… trapped? IMPRISONED BY THEIR OWN SKILLS! ok here they are sorry i just love them all so much:
07-02-14Derek Sheen
Veronica Heath
Richie Stratton
Andrew Michaan
Craig May
Kirsten Kuppenbender
Sam Macy
hosted freely by Whitney Streed
with music and banter and interruptions provided, for free, by the incomparable Ira Novos

Show starts at 9:30, doors at 9pm. Open mic following the show (sign up 9-9:30), starting around 11:30 and going until we are full of Freedom Fries and American Beer. As always, pay what you want and drink what you will.


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