Humor Night! 8/13/14

It is the dog days of August! Those are the days when you are like a dog because you wear a collar and do that little head shakey thing when someone scratches your leg just right. Those things are totally acceptable at the Tonic Lounge, where the comedians of the Weekly Recurring Humor Night will tickle your funny bone (SEE WHAT I DID THERE BONE LIKE DOGS LIKE CALLBACKS I AM SO GOOD AT THIS EVENT WRITING CRAP)!

OH this show! It’s the bee’s knees! THOSE ARE ALSO ANIMALS i wonder why bees don’t have their own season, that’s kind of silly. Maybe that’s why they’re dying off, in protest. THIS IS NOT RELEVANT TO THIS SHOW which is spectacular as you can observe below:
08-13-14Anthony Lopez
Nick Walker
Katie Rose Leon
Sean Connery
Steve Magnuson
Deirdre Lyons-Keefe
Lauryn Pithey-Petrie
Crystal Davis
plus the premier of Big Ed Barnham’s new web series “One of a Kind Find of the Week”!
hosted doggedly by Whitney Streed
with musical accompaniment and surprisingly filthy jokes by Ira “IRA” Novos!

Show starts at 9:30, doors at 9pm. Open mic following the show (sign up 9-9:30), starting around 11:30 and going until someone actually brings a dog into the bar because in Portland that’s allowed for some reason. As always, pay what you want and drink what you will.

Czech out more info on Big Ed Barnham’s web series here! –>

AND DON’T YOU DARE FORGET: The Weekly Recurring Humor Night is ending on August 27! DON’t MISS OUT!


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