VIRTUAL Recurring Humor Night! 8/6/14

So there’s this show and it’s called the Weekly Recurring Humor Night because it’s a night of humor that recurs weekly and dammit it will recur weekly until I say it doesn’t, and if there is some band playing music at the location where one might typically find this night of humor then we will MOVE THE HUMOR TO THE CLOUD.

So here it is!! A celebration of some of the amazing former performers of the Weekly Recurring Humor Night who have since moved away from the land of Ports! All of these people have graced the Humor Night stage, and so here they are gathered together in one place online.

08-06-14On the night of August 6, THIS VERY FACEBOOK EVENT will contain amazing video performances from all of these rad folks:
Ron Funches (NBC’s “Undateable”!)
Ian Karmel (“Chelsea Lately”)
Timmy Williams (“Whitest Kids U Kno”)
Richard Bain (Just For Laughs New Faces 2014!)
Jessie McCoy (ROCKSTAR)
Virginia Jones (GOTHSTAR)
Marcia Belsky (BADASS)
and maybe even more!
hosted virtually by Whitney Streed (PARENTHESES)

“Show” starts at 9:30pm Pacific Time, doors at whenever you want because this is Facebook, silly. Just leave the notifications on and I’ll post the videos every few minutes. No open mic following the show but maybe I’ll open up the wall for comments for some undetermined amount of time. As always, pay what you want and drink what you will.

AND REMEMBER: The Weekly Recurring Humor Night ends on August 27, don’t miss out!!


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