Humor Night! 8/20/14 (PENULTIMATE SHOW — LAST OPEN MIC!)

OH GOOD LORD IT’S ALMOST OVER but it’s ok everything is awesome and normal and everything is fine just all fiiiiiiiiiine! Don’t let the heat or the cupidity get to you, just make your way to the Tonic Lounge to imbibe in the tastiest jokes and funniest drinks you have ever been able to find in Portland on a Wednesday night. (ALSO this is your last chance to do the open mic so BE AWARE. be alert.*)

GET OUT OF TOWN no wait get back here it was a phrase I just meant that this show is so good you will BE TRANSPORTED BOTH MENTALLY AND PSYCHOBIOLOGICALLY** THROUGH SPACE AND TIME:
08-20-14Tim Hammer
Adam Pasi
Dan Weber
Manuel Hall
Adam Dahl
Becky Waits
Patrick Perkins
Caitlin Weierhauser
Crystal Kordowski
hosted stably and hoarsely by Whitney Streed
with musical accompaniment and whatever the hell else he wants from Ira “The Boss” Novos

Show starts at 9:30, doors at 9pm. THE VERY LAST Open mic following the show *** (sign-up starts at 9), starting around 11:30 (midnight realistically) and going until probably actually 2am this time and then we will all clap so much! As always, pay what you want and drink what you will.

***This is the last mic !! It will fill up crazy fast. Plus there are some people who get priority spots because I SAY SO AND THIS IS MY GODDAMNED CELESTIAL KINGDOM.
**not actually a word
*keep safe!


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